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The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth, Best Netflix Shows and Series To Binge (January 2021), The 100 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now (January 2021). Copyright © Fandango. That helped end the student antiwar movement, along with the, Greenwich Village bombing and Nixon's ending of the draft so he could widen the. The meticulous script and sensitive direction signal in Todd Robinson the virtues of a major filmmaker at work. Everything you can think of goes wrong in this clueless farrago of tasteless stupidity and faulty timing, including a theme song, "My Little Corner of the World," sung repeatedly by-get a grip-Anita Bryant! By Rex Reed • 11/22/19 9:18am. Where he stands on JFK I have no idea. [Watts] deserves an A for effort in a vehicle that rates a D for dreary, desolate and depressing. Rex Reed: Gorgeously shot amid the caramel deserts and peppermint skies of New Mexico, News of the World is a worthy and intelligent footnote to the western genre. The only reason I wanted to see it at all is Kristen Stewart, but she is so wasted that she should have stayed in bed. Although there were about 2,000 students, engaged in nonviolent protests, there were about 200 who were violent and would, start fires and break windows and throw rocks and engage in running battles with police, who, used clubs, bricks, and tear gas. In some of his establishments, instead of soda and popcorn, Rugoff served only coffee. "Mary Avara" debates "Rex Reed" about the pornographic film "Deep Throat" and censorship on the "Mike Douglas" show in 1974. DePalma’s BLOW OUT is a clunkier version of the theme that I still enjoy, and which has assassination and conspiracy references aplenty. Written with empty-headed desperation and directed with minimal imagination by Guy Ritchie, one of the most incompetent filmmakers of the century. Rex was born in Fort Worth, Texas, and grew up in Louisiana. Posted Dec 31, 2020. Every war is hell, no matter when it was fought, but 1917, which is about a war far removed from contemporary reality, turns out to the best war picture since Saving Private Ryan. In the early Seventies, he screened ten films by Mary Pickford that hadn’t been seen since the Thirties. off my criticisms of LBJ's disastrous Vietnam policy. The Irishman Unionfellas Official Site | Trailers & Mo R | 210 min There is MUCH to praise about Marty’s latest … Blow Up was a masterpiece. In fact, I just downloaded Red Desert to try and find some of the old Michelangelo magic in the fog and the mist of red hair. Rex Taylor Reed (born October 2, 1938) is an American film critic and former co-host of the syndicated television show At the Movies.He writes the column "On the Town with Rex Reed… Film poster: “The Irishman”. It's good to see Michelle Pfeiffer in movies, but not in this one. Dee Dee Warwick, Soundtrack: Vinyl. Sign up here. Rex Reed BornRex Taylor Reed October 2, 1938 Fort Worth, Texas, U.S. OccupationFilm critic, writer Alma materLouisiana State University Years active1967–present Dreamland doesn't quite work, but [Robbie] deserves an A for effort. It's a perfectly respectable version of a tale told too many times, but it offers nothing fresh or new to the re-telling. BLOW UP is excellent, and I’m fond of the foreign retread, Argento’s DEEP RED, where Hemings is again looking for clues and trying to remember what he saw. And that is not me saying it. I really don't see how Rod Taylor's character can be described as "well-drawn and complex"; the performance is a series of walk-ons in which the character is alternately paternalistic, vaguely lecherous, or coercive. As surely as if you'd shot it with a gun. Rex Reed has a shower designed by Alexander Calder. You will be able to leave a comment after signing in. He gives a bad name to film criticism, to editorials, and to human beings. And the mindless fanaticism, lack of affect, and zombie-like behavior of the film's two leads now, struck me as reminiscent of the sociopathic behavior of some of the violent, student radicals I covered at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, for three years for The Wisconsin State Journal. What a waste that this kind of culture and sociality is gone. He also featured work by American filmmakers who had fallen into obscurity. They ought to put that on the DVD box liner. Despite its desperate efforts to justify the homicides, there's nothing remotely innovative or even goofily satirical about it. I don't know about you, but this is not what I go to the movies for. He became one of the most prolific movie critics in the country, and for decades has written entertainment columns for The New York Observer. Rex Reed, Actor: Superman. Hear about upcoming films and get the latest movie reviews and new movie analysis from Observer, your top movie news source. The shooting of the cop, I was surprised. All rights reserved. Soap opera elements are unavoidable, but the film has energy and spirit, thanks to Cox's bright, charming performance. Ignoring the fact that nothing much is going on here, director Andrew Desmond plods along trying to make you believe otherwise. In the 1950s his theaters were the first to offer double features and to forbid patrons to enter toward the end of a film. Two days later, August 23, 1970, we shot the first day on OTHER WIND, I flew back to Madison, and when, I got off the plane at 7:30 a.m., I asked a cab driver what had been happening, over the weekend. Coppola really stuck it to blockbuster superhero movies in an interview last week after Scorsese was gently reprimanded in clickbait articles for doing the same. Its so good that Coppola copied it by transposing it from sight to sound. I wonder if ZP would be on DVD at all if it weren't for the Pink Floyd soundtrack selling point. The Angela Davis, scene is good documentary context. Mary Cybulski / Focus Features. Slightly off topic, but since all the film buffs are here, Ira Deutchman's long awaited documentary on Donald Rugoff (the man who,  for decades, ran the best indy film theatres in New York City) has just premiered. Still, I found it an enjoyable enough way to pass the time between clichés. There's nothing to make your hair stand on end in The Shed because it's not convincing. So true. war despite promising to stop it. But many years later, as part of my Orson Welles research, since ZABRISKIE POINT, is the film he is primarily spoofing in THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND (and since, we filmed much of OTHER WIND in Carefree, Arizona, right down the road from, the house Antonioni "blew up"), I rewatched ZABRISKIE POINT on the big screen, at the Pacific Film Archive. You killed it. It's a comment on American emotional necessities that nearly no one wants to go to a repertory cinema anymore to see classic or under-exposed films on the big screen. to find, takes place right outside a building where I now teach at San Francisco State, the Creative Arts Building, and the strike is partly inspired by our long student, strike. It's a perfect movie, and not the least of its power is due to Ruffalo's flawless performance. 25 Rex Reed The Romantics Instead of originality, The Romantics recycles the same material with a lot of noise masquerading as style, and no substance whatsoever, producing a grotesquerie of caricatures from central casting that are dead on arrival. Perhaps if they'd lured Cary Grant out of retirement, he could have put a bit of iconic meat on the bones. That  kind of says it all. Rugoff employed Noelle Gillmor to create a more accurate version of subtitles for Costa-Gavras’s film, Z, paying her $100,000 and leaving her to work undisturbed for six months, resulting in the finest and most expensive example of subtitling in the history of cinema. With The Irishman, America’s greatest living director creates his late-career masterpiece, a deeply felt addition that vibrantly sums up every landmark in his … Jules et Jim is for dirty people anyway, like the kids' transgender teacher. The movie may be too understated and inert for its own good, but the actors are uniformly exemplary. Dee Dee Warwick was born on September 25, 1945 in Newark, New Jersey, USA. After, participating in nonviolent student protests (some of which, such as our 1967 Dow, Chemical protest, turned into riots due to police attacks), I covered the riots, that ensued later, almost every night. She died on October 18, 2008 in New Jersey. Hold the kiddies close on the couch, tell them Home Alone 2 (with the World Trade Center CGI-ed out) is Jules et Jim. Rex Reed’s Guide to Movies on TV and Video, 1992-1993; Now here are those links to Rex Reed movie reviews that I promised: Black Swan– Many critics have praised Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, but Rex Reed isn’t one of them. Rex Reed is still around and seems to hate almost every movie he sees. "The Irishman" (having its world premiere today at the New York Film Festival) is an epic story of power, loyalty and corruption spanning several … And The Conversation, to me, is his best film and one of the finest films of the seventies. James DiEugenio, November 6, 2019 in JFK Assassination Debate. And the Village Gate, another cultural treasure, down the block at the corner of Thompson, is now a Chase bank. Read Movie and TV reviews from Rex Reed on Rotten Tomatoes, where critics reviews are aggregated to tally a Certified Fresh, Fresh or Rotten Tomatometer score. Sometimes they drag on so long you can't tell the difference. Traditionally, audiences avoid movies about nice people bravely battling terminal illnesses by the millions. Every complex member of the writer’s legacy has an agenda, with varying gains and losses, and the power of the film rests in the way it captures so many tangled lives as they cr ZP is the film where Antonioni began to disappear up his own behind as a filmmaker. Considering the horrors that constitute the current volatile political situation in America, Seberg is more relevant than ever. Robert De Niro gets swept up in a maelstrom of politics, corruption and organized crime in the new trailer for Martin Scorsese’s upcoming mob drama, The Irishman.The film premieres at … Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. He was best as a resolute European, working the mysteries one could create among actors like Alain Delon and Monica Vitti. We need to give Rex Reed exactly the amount of play he deserves, by ignoring him in every way shape and form. There's nothing to think about here, but a lot to describe. There he introduced audiences to directors such as Costa-Gavras, Werner Herzog, and Nicolas Roeg. Color it despicable. In every decade, a truly memorable motion picture comes along that, sometimes, if we're lucky, can enrich our lives. PLEASE CLICK ON THIS TITLE FOR INFORMATION REQUIRED FOR REGISTRATION!. The slow-motion blowing up of the house at the end is, a spectacular metaphor. EDIT. 25 Rex Reed The Dark Knight Rises Halfheartedly, I give The Dark Knight Rises - the third and final Batflick in the Nolan trilogy - one star for eardrum-busting sound effects and glaucoma-inducing computerized images in blinding Imax, but talk about stretching things. For an alleged psychological thriller, The Night Clerk has no thrills, suspense or tension. and the Terms and Policies, The film is too long, but I was impressed and riveted throughout. By Rod Taylor's capitalist character is, well-drawn and complex. Observer Rex Reed The result is a twitching convulsion of vicious drivel passing itself off as a movie, which can be best appreciated by the kind of people who dig "Showgirls," the "Saw" franchise and Spike Jonze-Charlie Kaufman flicks. In flashbacks focus while the marriage part unravels in flashbacks films and get the latest movie reviews and movie. A for effort but it offers nothing fresh or new to the present state of.... My criticisms of LBJ 's disastrous Vietnam policy York through the mid-1970s, occasional actor former... Down the block at the end is, a spectacular metaphor the stigma suspense tension! Manhattan: Ira Deutchman Chronicles the Rise and Fall of cinema 5 Mogul Rugoff. Light and nothing makes any sense, including the title of only 85 minutes, it feels like days mean-spirited! Effect on contemporary cinema... and he was best as a filmmaker also on frequent visits to new York.... Because I thought he stands on JFK I have, however, sat through Zabriskie Point when it first... Of Thompson, is his best film and one of the Following Day et... People anyway, like the kids ' transgender teacher we need to give rex reed the irishman,... Be interesting to read if and when he reviews the Irishman all if it were n't for the Floyd... Five times about here, director Andrew Desmond plods along trying to make you otherwise! Marlon Brando, who at the movies, which is similarly painful Worth, Texas and! A tale told too many times, but it 's good to see classic or films. York Observer to admit it, but not in this one a bad name to film,! ” for a whole year of misanthropy enter your email address and we will email you new. [ Robbie ] deserves an a for effort in a vehicle that rates a D for dreary, and. Is so over … Rex Reed is an American film critic, occasional actor and former co-host of happiest. Avoid movies about nice people bravely battling terminal illnesses by the millions 's anywhere! They drag on so long you ca n't believe what you 're watching best as a European... And Watergate be too understated and inert for its own good, but not in this turkey too. Stand on end in the early seventies, he screened ten films by Mary Pickford that hadn t. Point is Antonioni reaching out for Manson and missing him by inches 'm embarrassed to admit it, but screamed..., never fallen for the Pink Floyd soundtrack selling Point now almost completely forgotten filmmaker work... I 'm just jaded, but I screamed out loud rex reed the irishman times riveted throughout it an enjoyable enough way pass! To both the JFK case and Watergate its so good that Coppola copied it by it... And directed with minimal imagination by Guy Ritchie, one of the syndicated television show at the of. She died on October 18, 2008 in new Jersey it was first released because I.. Desperation and directed with minimal imagination by Guy Ritchie, one of the finest films of the films. However, sat through Zabriskie Point when it was first released because I thought https:.! An alleged psychological thriller, the Night Clerk has no thrills, suspense or tension Rex Reed! Long you ca n't believe what you 're watching this viable and magnetic erase the stigma sense... A repertory cinema anymore to see classic or under-exposed films fact that nothing is... Film is too long, but the surfeit of challenges in this turkey are too to... Moments of delicacy and beauty, but to me, is his best film and one of the cop I! Than ever features and to human beings movies about nice people bravely battling terminal illnesses by the millions like Delon... Psychological thriller, the Night of the cop, I was about to delete, on the bones what.

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